Lincoln Storm
Sustainability Foundation

The LSSF was established to provide effective change in the Social, Environmental and Economic issues related to the Lithium Ion battery industry.

Our goal is to help create a greener, healthier and ethically sustainable industry that can benefit the world as a whole.
Our Social focus, together with other industry leaders, is to resolve human rights issues, like child labor, while improving the lives of those most vulnerable through development programs in education, food abundance and individual economic opportunities.
Our Environmental focus is to provide a closed loop clean and sustainable method to recycle and reuse the materials within existing spent batteries, helping to minimize the need for continued mining and lessen the environmental impact through existing technology, via Lincoln Storm, and through continued development of new technologies.
Our Economic focus is to expand Green work opportunities throughout the world.

Our focus will be on the development, expansion and advancement of existing technologies designed, developed and in operation today within the Lincoln Storm Group of Companies and the enhancement of the individual lives associated with mining and refining of associated materials and further implementation of our closed-loop system; re-introducing the valuable and limited resource materials needed for the manufacturing of Lithium-Ion batteries; helping to reduce the need for continued raw materials mining.