Li-Ion Battery Recycling Innovation
Is Finally Here

Welcome to Our Closed Loop Solution for Your Post Production Industrial Battery Waste.

About Us – Where It All Started

During 2017 we set about finding a solution within the front-end recovery space, to facilitate the separation of the raw materials that are utilised to produce Li-Ion cells in order to manufacture EV batteries.

We wanted to be able to supply these recovered materials back to the very manufacturers that needed them, thereby reducing the strain on worldwide virgin material demands.

What we achieved

By early 2019 We had proven our concepts within lab conditions and during the summer of 2019 we moved into proving it commercially.

Once we had perfected an adequate throughput, we then perfected the pure separation, at which point we started to build the 1st installation which became fully operational in December 2020.

Infrastructure Growth

Whilst our R&D was taking place we acquired Reconi Ltd and will now perform our EU recycling operations within this vehicle.

DRY post production WASTE materials from manufacturing

Far Reaching EU Infrastructure

We will collect all your materials and bring them to our EU facilities for packing and pre-sorting before transporting to the UK for processing.

Highest Prices Paid Globally

As we are a processing and recovery operation, we effectively cut out the middle man, meaning our prices benefit the manufacturer directly.

Why Us?

Lincoln Storm’s technology is operational and ready to lead your company into the responsible arena of full materials recovery, using unique, world leading, responsible and environmentally friendly techniques.

Our UK Company

Installed Technology in the UK for Dry Materials – Dry Processing Line

Our 1st site is capable of processing at least 8000MT per annum of
Cathode, Anode and Dry Cells

with these input materials we, produce ultra pure fractions of –
Copper, Aluminium, Black Mass (Ni,Co,Li,Mn) and Graphite Powder

Wet Materials – Charged Cells and Modules

Lincoln Storm have also designed and developed what we call our pre-processing line, with the capability to de-energise
and dismantle these materials, giving us the ability to produce the same level of recovery and the same pure products.