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Who Are Lincoln Storm

The largest Li-Ion Battery materials recycler in the western hemisphere – Lincoln Storm Group are an Isle of Man based company, privately owned with our senior leadership team having decades of experience in the Li-Ion battery technology sector with materials, processing and recovery.

Where It All Started

During 2017 we set about finding a solution within the front-end recovery space, to facilitate the separation of the raw materials that are utilised to produce Li-Ion cells in order to manufacture EV batteries.
We wanted to be able to supply these recovered materials back to the very manufacturers that needed them, thereby reducing the strain on worldwide virgin material demands.

What We Achieved

By early 2019 We had proven our concepts within lab conditions and during the
summer of 2019 we moved into proving it commercially.
Once we had perfected an adequate throughput, we then perfected the pure
separation, at which point we started to build the 1st installation which became fully
operational in December 2020.

What We Do

Recycling of new production “Dry Wastes” from Li-ion Battery manufacturers.

Large industrial scale process – unique, in-house developed technology

Pre-process for “Wet” materials, cells & modules, conversion to dry materials for dry process

Our group capacity is capable of processing at least 500,000MT per annum of LIB recycled materials.

With these input
materials we, produce ultra pure fractions of



Black Mass



What We Offer

  • Closed loop recovery/recycing for Li Ion battery
    materials/supporting manufacturers directly
  • World beating purchase prices for the production wastes
  • Optimum recycling efficiency
  • Pure product quality
  • We sell back powders to OEM’s / Manufacturers at market
    price (or less) – Closed Loop
  • Originator of material, retains benefit of recyclates and
    their values
  • Largest volume process available now!

Why We Do It

The EV revolution in Europe is fast developing with the emergence of multiple Giga-factories throughout the region in addition to the 5 large “Players” already situated and in production. Lincoln Storm is the only recovery process able to support the volume of business legally and in compliance with current waste legislation.
By the end of 2022 and into 2023, we will exceed operational recycling capacity. Export solutions will by then be highly restricted or banned, forcing Europe to look within itself for the solutions, which apart from ours, are very far away from being developed and nowhere near to an industrial scale.