Lincoln Storm Group accepts every type of LIB waste material and is able to recycle/recover it to a 98% efficiency! A Truly closed loop solution operating TODAY. Every Cobalt and Nickel unit can be recovered and made available to the originator of the material
Our in house- technology actually exists now and is continually developed and extended, we provide more and more processing capacity for incoming wastes, geographically, ever closer to the source.


Our industrial recovery operations are supremely efficient and are actively converting LIB waste and related materials into highly desirable and consumable products with no wastage
Processing capacity available now :- 500,000 tonnes of LIB materials & wastes
EV packs and Modules – Charged Cells – Dry Materials – Slurries We continually to grow to align with market evolution


Lincoln Storm Group can handle every relevant EWC Code on 2 continents’ ADR (dangerous goods) as well as hazardous wastes are not a problem and we can move these to our facilites with our dedicated logistics team.
We do not trade wastes, we provide actual recovery whilst meeting all regulations applicable to our activities – thus we manufacture products from waste to an enviable standard and utilise our considerable experience and expertise to provide seamless logistics for all material movements


WE PAY for every LIB waste material bearing value. We know our prices are exceptional.
We are purposefully indiscriminate and transparent, applying referenced market prices at every stage of the value chain.