About Us

Originally incepted in order to meet the forthcoming needs of the LIB
manufacturing industry Lincoln Storm developed its own systems and
mechanics for the most efficient recovery of valuable powders and metals
from LIB material wastes. Initially for Dry materials such as Anode / Cathode
foils and dry cells.

With continued developments, and support of LIB manufacturers and market requirements, Lincoln Storm now has a broader offering to include all of the before mentioned materials and now: Charged cells, modules and slurries and whole EV Packs, again with the largest processing capacities to ensure a real, tangible solution for our customers.
Our Products are so pure, they have proved to be in very high demand from multiple users across the LIB spectrum and we command the highest prices and can of course pass this advantage back to our suppliers through our procurement programmes.

Lincoln Storm is run by a very closely co-operating management team, each with many years of global experience in technology, refining, materials management & handling, metals and logistics.
We are a friendly bunch and enjoy getting to know our client base so we can integrate our services, taking responsibility for what are often problematic or ”budget eating” waste and material issues and then of course, offering the whole closed loop scenario that we provide for Nickel and Cobalt.